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New Phone No - 0845 170 2580

We have recently acquired a new 0845 telephone number to enable our customers to contact us whilst only paying local rates - please use this number for all contact.

Any previous numbers that you use will still be valid but calls using these numbers may cost your company more.

New Product Demos

We are currently developing on-line demonstrations for our products - Motamacs is well under way and other demos will be available in due course.

Note - the Motamacs Demo is currently available in it's unfinished state - you are welcome to have a look at it and any comments or observations would be welcome.

Motamacs Demo

New Consolidation Application

A new application - Motacons - is now available.

This allows consolidation of the Management Accounts at a Group or Divisional level - companies and sites can be consolidated by division or franchise - specific consolidation profiles can also be created.

Note - this application will shortly be extended to cover consolidation of our budget application - Motaplan.

New Training Course

A new training course has been added to our list of Microsoft based courses - Excel VBA - this provides an introduction into programming Excel with Visual Basic for Applications.

The course is designed for advanced users of Excel who wish to extend their existing use of Macros to provide more functionality and sophistication to their workbooks.

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