There are currently three software applications marketed under the Motaware banner.


Motamacs is a Management Accounts Application designed to produce management accounts in a concise and presentable format. It takes its source data from a file downloaded from a number of motor trade specific mainframe systems and produces the management accounts from that data.

The application provides a high degree of flexibility with the user being able to control the columns and lines that appear on printouts and change the headings for lines.


Motaplan is a Budgeting Application designed with four separate modules to produce a Forecast for the current year – a Personnel Budget for next year – a Budget for next year and a Plan for 1 to 10 subsequent years.

The application provides the same degree of flexibility as Motamacs and prints are laid out in a similar format to Motamacs.


Motacons is a Consolidation Application designed to consolidate company or site data from Motamacs or Motaplan and provides an ideal consolidation facility for use by head office or divisional management.

The data can be consolidated by division or franchise and the user can create specific consolidation profiles to consolidate the data to include any company they wish.

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