Motamacs is a Management Accounts Application designed to produce management accounts in a concise and presentable format. It takes its source data from a file downloaded from a number of motor trade specific mainframe systems and produces the management accounts from that data.

Although essentially a spreadsheet application, Motamacs is menu driven and the user never has direct access to any of the application files – any required data being entered into windows style dialog boxes.

Key Features:

Multi-Company / Multi-Site

Additional companies and sites can be quickly created by the user to cover most situations – sites are used to cover additional franchises or locations but they must have a common nominal ledger.


Like all our applications Motamacs is password protected with each user having their own unique user id and password to protect the confidentiality of the data held within the application.

Variety of Departments

Up to 21 departments can be processed plus 4 summaries per site:

Company Summary

Direct Sales


Expense Summary


Used Sales 1

Parts 1

Vehicle Sales Summary

New Retail Sales 1

Used Sales 2

Parts 2

Aftersales Summary

New Retail Sales 2

Used Sales Other


General Management Summary

New Fleet Sales 1

Service 1


New Fleet Sales 2

Service 2

Other Department

Wholesale Sales


Balance Sheet

Note - all of the above department names can be renamed by the user to reflect the franchise or departments that they use.

Additional Schedules

Additional schedules are available for Debtor and Stock Ageing, Fixed Asset Analysis, Cash-Flow and Vehicle Sales Analysis for up to 25 models for each vehicle sales department.


Although the application is spreadsheet based a high degree of flexibility has been written into the application. The user can control the columns that appear in views and on printouts and all headings in all departments can be changed and lines not required can be hidden. Departments that are not used can be hidden when viewing or printing reports.


When a company is set up with two or more sites then it is possible to consolidate the data for those sites into one company reporting structure. However, this is a simple consolidating facility - our Motacons application provides a more sophisticated means of consolidating companies and/or sites.


Extensive charting facilities are available within the application - there are pre-set charts for each department plus the ability to create profiles charting virtually any data held within the application.

Trend Reporting

The application retains three years previous history that can be used for trend reports and charts.

Export Facility

The management accounts and schedules can be exported as a Text file or as an Excel file – these can be used for group consolidation purposes or e-mailing to other individuals.

View Option

The management accounts and schedules can be viewed on screen prior to printing.

Import Facility

The application is designed to read a comma separated value (csv) or text file exported from most mainframe systems – the application currently has import facilities covering Kerridge, Datawork, Pinnacle, Darts, BMW, Mercedes, KDMS, Global and an Excel Spreadsheet.

Note - if your mainframe is not listed above - give us a call - we will almost certainly be able to help.

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